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No portfolio developer

Posted on:June 15, 2023 at 09:43 AM

Working in companies puts us developers in an uncomfortable situation of not having a portfolio. We create complex internal systems, scaling them beyond measure, yet at the end of the project, there are no credits, applause, or ovations. Just another system.

The companies you apply to often don’t have the need to review your portfolio. Throughout my career, I’ve seen many CVs, and only occasionally can I click on a link provided by a candidate and take some action.

If you haven’t worked at FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google), chances are the recruiter never heard of the company you work for or the problems you solve.

It’s a good thing. You can find a wording in your CV that would make you look good. For example, instant of writting

“Maintaing an API”

you can write:

“Lead the development of a core platform API responsible for 90% of crucial trafic of the website.”

Make yourself look good, no one else care.

Tech recruiters don’t have the complete ability to verify what you’ve done at your work. They sure can ask you, and if they have the right skills themself, they can verify a scope of your abilities.

In my experience, the tech recruitment is usually is run by developer which is most trusted and loyal to the company.

Rule of thumb:

When working directly with companies (you making their website, the infrustructure for them etc), it’s different. They don’t care about your CV. It’s all about nice landing page, reviews and case studies of the products you have the credit for.